Case Study
Arbeitsgestaltung für einen Gussputzer


The employer is a foundry

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The severely disabled man has a spinal disorder and breathing problems caused by bronchitis. Disability Caused should lift the man loads restricted manually and wear and the frequent use of certain working postures (bending, stooping, etc.) and the inhalation of dusts or vapors avoid


The man is employed as cast cleaner in the company Workplace and work duties (actual status): The activity of the employee is to plaster the up to 20-ton castings, ie grind the casting level and smooth unclean surfaces. For cleaning use the angle grinder man, weighing up to 6 kg and large, suspended from a pillar jib crane, swing frame grinders. The movements of the large swing frame grinders (move along the boom, boom swing, etc.) must be carried out manually, and the commitment of considerable physical strength, the lifting movements done with the help of an electric chain hoist. A variety of castings is placed on trestles for editing, so that as many sides of the castings can be achieved without additional conversion of the labor force. This means that while cleaning the castings using a disc cutter predominantly strong stressful postures taken (squatting, bending over or working with strong vorgeneigtem upper body) and some ladders must be climbed. Disability Because it is the employee not possible to do this work permanently Workplace and work duties (desired status): An abrasive manipulator (master-slave manipulator), in a separate from the remaining work space area (unit), replaces the manual grinding with an angle grinder . The grinding manipulator is a remote-controlled Kraftarmsystem that perform similar movements like a human arm and thus contours can leave. The control of the manipulator with the (belt sander or grinder extent) tool via a Meisterarm of a cabin with an ergonomic operating or operating chair that is height and tilt adjustable. The glazing of the cabin is made of bulletproof glass (protection against broken grinding wheels or abrasive wheels). A trial run station for checking the grinding wheels with a diameter of 600 mm and a circumferential speed to 800 m / s is also part of the equipment of the Workplace: Outside the plaster room to be machined castings are placed with an overhead crane on a rail-mounted trolley with rotating platform and then down into the workspace of the manipulator. All movements of the transport carriage effected electromotively. Even with all-round machining of castings, only a one-time conversion of the castings during the machining process is through the use of the trolley is required

work environment (actual status):

In the blow a high noise levels above 90 dB (A), an elevated temperature, . severe dust (metal and quartz dust) and a strong sparks by brushing before work environment (target state): The control cabin of the grinding manipulator is sound-and heat insulated, has air conditioning and is equipped with an additional fresh air supply. The sucked from the room air is cleaned in a filter system of metal and quartz dust. This ensures that the air conditions in the room where the manipulator can be improved

Assistive devices used:

cranes, hoists and hoisting equipment manipulators and weight balancers metal working and processing machines air cleaners

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Workplace design was sponsored by the Integration Office.

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