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The employer shall provide, with its 460 employees, manufactures electrical appliances. Disability and impairment employee: The man has a respiratory disease. He therefore reacted strongly to climatic fluctuations (eg temperature, draft and weather change), which led to increased disease-related downtime. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 60


The man works as a mechanic with the employer.

Workplace and work environment (actual status):

The employee mounted electrical devices on assembly lines in the vicinity of an indoor-outdoor blinds. Through this gate a majority of the required components for the equipment is delivered from other production and storage areas. The frequent opening of the existing aluminum folding door leads to constant drafts to the assembly areas and in winter to a temporary reduction in the room temperature - especially in the vicinity of the gate. Therefore, it was the employee by drafts and extreme temperature fluctuations in frequent downtime due to colds.

Workplace and work environment (desired status):

The existing gate is located in the outer wall of the hall. Toward the interior, through fittings in the hall formed 3 to 4 m long response that is open to the workshop out. In order to safely prevent drafts and cold incidence, the inner opening of this tunnel is to be closed by a second rapid roll-up door to get a lock area. By locking the door controls two against each other is achieved that only one door can be opened. In addition, the lock area is heated. Drafts and cold can not get up in the workshop thus.

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Funding and participation:

The employer a subsidy of 60% of the costs has been granted, as well as the working conditions for the non-disabled colleagues improved the integration office. The consultation was carried out by the Engineer Professional services for disability-related work planning the integration office - the so-called Technical Advisory Service. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the offices for integration.

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