Case Study
Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für einen Gießer


The foundry produces with its 323 employees manufactures non-ferrous metal semi-finished products.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man has a lung disease. It should not be used for activities that (heat, etc.) and bad breath conditions (gas, vapor or dust) must be run under stressful climatic. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 30 The man was treated by the employment agency with severe disabilities.

Training and job:

The man works as a semi-skilled caster with the employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

1 Melting and cleaning - compiled by recipe ingredients from the shaker into the furnace carry - Stirring - sample draw - skimming, slag bath surface by removing - if necessary, melt metals with correct - pouring skim dross, slag and provided with covering means - - sample draw and correct if necessary - channel of scabies, metal oxides and clean - oven once a week with air hammer hewn 2 Horizontal casting and cleaning - Remove the bolt with a forklift or crane, weighing and dropping - Control of printing conditions - Check the pin temperature monitoring - gutter clean - once a week oven with the air hammer hewn 3 Casting vertically and cleaning - sprue from the melting furnace monitor - Clean hopper, chutes, pouring nozzle and warm place - - Adjust the molding conditions and control - after sprue funnel and covering provided - casting with carbon black or covering (salt) cover - Remove bolts, weighing and dropping - mold residues after casting with a wire brush to clean - chutes and hoppers clean for the next cast - weekly furnace with air hammer hewn - Übergießrinne clean - If necessary, clean the fountain Part of the activities, the caster do from a control cab. The bulk of the work but he is exposed to direct heat radiation and a gas and dust. The working areas of the foundry are matched to the procedure, suction units equipped. However, it can not be avoided that the worker is exposed to certain points still a gas and dust. By the employer and should therefore also appropriate protective equipment such as dust mask, heat protective jacket and gloves are provided. Due to the present at the foundry lung disease are personal protection devices that may cause increased breathing resistance, not suitable In order to supply the foundry breathing air with no additional breathing resistance, the body was a portable fan assisted respirator with filter and safety helmet used with a see-sighting device. The fan-assisted respiratory protection system consists of a drive unit with replaceable filters, which is worn behind the body on a belt. The water treated by the respirator system air passes through a highly flexible hose from the back of the helmet. There she is led through a pipe system over the head and exits from a nozzle as air curtain in the forehead again. The air then flows over the face and occurs depending on the configuration of the protective helmet for all pages or only down again. The respirator is equipped with a battery power supply, so that the worker can move freely. Using an appropriate harness the respirator can be worn outside of the heat protection casing

Assistive devices used:

personal protective equipment (respirator)

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The disability-friendly design was sponsored by the Office integration.

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