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Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für einen Produktionshelfer


The company manufactures aluminum profiles and profile products used in the automotive, furniture and computer industries.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The man has a pulmonary tuberculosis. He's disability caused only limited robustness and should therefore avoid heavy and frequent lifting and carrying work. The degree of handicap (degree of disability) is 50

Training and job:

The man has learned the trade of track construction skilled workers in the GDR. For several years he has been working as a production assistant on the employer. The production assistants and two other disabled colleagues working in the production area of ​​cold circular saws. With the help of cold circular saws long profiles are cut to size up to 12 m. Delivered to the profiles in specific stack frames. The individual layers of the profiles are separated to avoid damage by padded liners, so-called spacers, each other. When processing larger amounts the list of frames is made parallel to the saw, one above the other. Individual shelves directly on the floor. To equip the saw, the operator must perform each profile rods from the rack and place it on the roller track in front of the saw. For heavy sections one end of the rod is lifted onto the roller conveyor and then lifted and swung the other end for this purpose. In this process, which requires a stooped posture in receiving the lower profiles, half the weight of the section bar is always to lift (up to 30 kg) and carry. Due to the present disabilities to three employees, the lifting and carrying of these profiles is no longer possible

Workplace and duties (desired status):

To avoid lifting and carrying out work, including frequent Bückbewegungen it makes sense to use the operated in a layer Kombisäge Abstapelautomaten. This automaton respectively engages the intermediate layers (spacer) and puts a layer with profiles on a cross conveyor. The spacers are sold through gaps in the cross-conveyor to a lower conveyor belt located and transported back to the position of the operator. From the control panel of the production assistants can then retrieve the ready set profile bars individually and carry on the role of web prior to the saw. The profile then sawed blanks are light in weight and are discarded from production assistants without Bückbewegungen in containers that are positioned by the use of lifting and tilting device to an ergonomic working height.

Assistive devices used:

conveyors lifting and positioning systems

Keywords and Further Information

Funding :

The disability reasonable accommodation was sponsored by the Office integration. The employer received a grant of 70% of the cost. In REHADAT you will find the address and phone the integration offices.

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