Case Study
Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für vier rückenerkrankte Mitarbeiter


The employer is a company in the steel industry.

disability and impairment of Employees:

The four severely disabled men have a spinal disorder, which leads to problems when standing, stooping and bending. In a man a chronic bronchitis is present in addition, so that he should not be subjected to increased loads through the air.


The men are working as a production assistant in shifts to the employer.

Workplace and work environment (actual status):

The four employees to control and monitor a profile rolling mill for steel production in rotating shifts. The 4 m high wheelhouse or helm is old, small (dimensions 2.0 x3, 45x2, 4 m) and 8 m from the profile rolling mill. The control layout of control unit does not meet current ergonomic findings. The switches will be outside of the easiest to reach space in sedentary activity, so that employees often need to operate the switch and standing with body bent forward. The existing temperature and ventilation system is not designed for extreme temperatures in both winter and summer, so that the activity can be carried out only very limited under favorable climatic conditions.

Workplace and work environment (desired status):

In order that the employee can perform work at the helm under ergonomically favorable conditions, was a new and larger wheelhouse (Dimensions: 3.17 x4, 17x2, 75 m) with a: - Larger by 6.3 square meters floor area, - Sound and heat insulation with a sound reduction of 32 dB (A) - Non-glare Illumination - Air conditioning and ventilation system - Clear and ergonomic layout of the controls in the handling area and - A hydraulically damped seat with mechanical height adjustment purchased.

Assistive devices used:

tool to control the indoor climate work and office chairs work lights assistive products for noise reduction

Keywords and Further Information

Funding :

Workplace design was sponsored by the Office integration to 70%.

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