Case Study
Gestaltung eines Arbeitsplatzes für eine Altenpflegerin


The employer runs an old aged home. The institution is partly old fashioned and no longer state of the art. Some patient's rooms and sanitary facilities were modernised but were not modernised without deficiencies or barrier-free.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

Because of a tissue change the left lung was removed. Because of her disability she can take little physical strain and is therefore limited in use for muscular work (lifting, holding and handling loads) where her cardiovascular system is severely stressed. Her degree of disability is 100 (GdB 100). Her disabled identity document has the letter G (the ability to move is considerably impaired).


She has been employed for three years by her current employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

She helps the patients in the old aged home needing care eg. with physical care (in bathing) and using the toilet. Bathing as well as transferring the patients from the wheelchair into the bath and onto the toilet are very difficult for her as she must constantly lift, hold and support the patients.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

The highly physical work (holding and lifting work) and the associated great physical strain can be reduced with the use of a patient lifter and an automatic WC. Especially patients who are heavy with limited movement can with the help of the patient lifter, which should also have an electric rotating system, be transferred from the wheelchair into the bath and onto the toilet. For the simpler transferral of patients from the wheelchair to the ward toilet an electrically height adjustable toilet can be used.

Assistive devices used:

toilets assistive products for lifting persons

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Funding :

The disabled-friendly layout was supported by the Main Welfare Office.

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