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Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für eine Kassiererin

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The employer is a branch of a large supermarket chain.

Disability and functional impairment of the employee:

She suffers from Crohn´s disease and asthma. Because of her disability she cannot be physically stressed and cannot be employed in all working conditions (climate, dust, etc.). Her degree of disability is 80.


She has no formal training and is employed as a cashier by her employer.

Workplace and duties (actual status):

She works in a supermarket at a scanner checkout. She has problems breathing as she cannot tolerate the air there. As there is a constant stream of customers at the checkouts there are limited opportunities to take quick breaks outside of the actual break times. Her disability especially requires that small breaks are taken which can be used for recovery or to visit the toilet.

Workplace and duties (desired status):

She was transferred to a worplace at an affiliated off-licence of the supermarket so that she could continue to be employed. By installing an automated bottle return station the workplace was adapted to her physical stress capabilities. The air at the new workplace is better, there are more opportunities for moving and physical effort is considerable reduced through the automation. The automated bottle return transports, sorts and assesses individual bottles and crates independently. The customer places bottles or carriers on a conveyor and receives a sales slip to the value of the deposit. Her job involves advising customers who cannot get to grips with the system straight away, clearing away the individual bottles every now and then (figure 1) and collecting (figure 2). As customers are not always at the check out, there is time for other activities e.g. clearing papers and cigarettes, disposing of cardboard and short visits to the toilet.

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Funding :

The disabled-friendly layout was supported by the Integration Office.

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