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Assistive Product BiPAP Silver Series A30 / A30 S

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The Silver Series ventilators A30 and A30 S are designed for non-life-sustaining, intermittent and non-invasive ventilation of adults and children.


  • Basic unit incl. filter
  • SD card
  • Patient tubing
  • Power supply
  • Instructions for use

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Philips Respironics, Inc.
United States Telephone: +1 844-531-6861 Homepage:


Philips GmbH Respironics
Philips GmbH Market DACH
Röntgenstr. 22
22335 Hamburg
Germany Telephone: 040 2899-0 Email: Homepage:

Diverse Vertriebspartner von Philips
Siehe Internetseite des Herstellers

steramed Medizintechnik GmbH
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 10
27777 Ganderkesee
Germany Telephone: 04222 80520 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: approx. 2 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 21.6 x 11.5 x 19 cm
Voltage: 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 12-24 V DC
Power consumption: approx. 1.2 (for AC power)
max. 5 A (for DC power)
Power consumption: approx. 100 W (DC power supply)
approx. 60 W (external battery)
Operating noise: <28 dB(A) at 10 hPa
Therapy modes: CPAP, S, S/T, PC, T, AVAPS
IPAP pressure range: 4 to 30 hPa
EPAP pressure range: 4 to 25 hPa
CPAP pressure range: 4 to 20 hPa
Respiratory rate: 0 to 40 breaths per minute
4 to 40 breaths per minute (in T mode)
Respiratory pressure display: digital
Breath volume AVAPS: 200 - 1500 ml
AVAPS frequency: 0.5 - 5 hPa/min
Inspiratory time: 0.5 - 3 s
Inspiratory time: 0.5 to 3 s
Rise time: 100 to 600 ms (1 to 6)

Battery life: 11 h (with an IPAP/EPAP of 15/4 hPa and 12 breaths per minute)



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