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M-neb pressure +

Product Type:
Ultrasonic Nebulizer

M-neb pressure is a mesh nebulizer for near-patient drug aerosol delivery. High-frequency pulses deliberately carry small amounts of the liquid drug through a special membrane. Their microstructure channels droplet formation and ensures that only droplets less than four microns in diameter are provided. The drug is gently transported through the micro-mesh driver and not heated. The small droplets can penetrate via the bronchial tree to the alveoli and thus directly to the site of action.

Features / Components:
- has two nebulisation modes:continuous mode (for permanent nebulisation) or triggered mode (for inspiration-synchronous nebulization)
- automatic shutdown
- one hour of continuous running (continuous mode)
- two hours of running time (triggered mode)
- can be used with or without ventilator
- inspiratory flow-trigger
- inhalation via mouthpiece, inhalation mask and tracheal cannula

- basic unit
- connection cable
- power adapter
- unit holder
- nebulizer unit with T-piece or with mouthpiece (yes after the selected sentence)

Technical Data:
Weight:Control unit 75 g / power supply 165 g
Dimensions (H x D x W):85 x 54 x 16 mm
Supply:Internal:3.6V / 500mA External:5V / 1.2A
Power consumption at operation:500mA Maximum
nebulizer capacity:<0.6 ml / min
power supply cable length:1.8 m
Max. Filling volume nebulizer unit:8 ml
Battery type:Lithium ion, 3.7 V / 1200 mAh
Battery charging time:approx. 3 hours

Options / Accessories:
- LM m-neb flow +
- LM m-neb mouthpiece
- LM m-neb power supply
- LM m-neb adapter for trigger line, Luerlook

Price (without guarantee):
The Price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE 0088

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Löwenstein Medical GmbH & Co. KG


Börgel GmbH
Beatmungsmedizinische Dienstleistungen und Technik

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