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multisonic profi - ohne Akku

Product Type:

- Bronchial asthma
- chronic obstructive bronchitis
- bronchiectasis
- Cystic fibrosis
- pulmonary hypertension
- acute, recurrent infections
- chronic respiratory diseases with pulmonary emphysema

Features / Components:
- Medication nebulizer for the lower respiratory tract
- Basic unit with mouthpiece
- Wide range power supply and bag
- Optional battery and adapter for the cigarette lighter in the car

Technical Data:
Weight:0.6 kg
Voltage:230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption:max. 15W
Current consumption:1 A
Operating noise:max. 15 dB (A)
Nebulizer performance:0.5 ml / min
Med. Mass diameter:3.5 microns
Frequency:2.4 MHz

Pharmaceutical Central Number:3128166

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Product Order no. Pharmaceutical central number. SHI no.
multisonic profi with battery pack 80185 3128226

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CE 0366


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis / /

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Flores medical GmbH


Flores medical GmbH

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