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nebutur 330/USV 220

Product Type:
ultrasound atomiser

- Pre- and postoperatively to prevent infections (pneumonia)
- specific and nonspecific pulmonary diseases, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis
- cystic fibrosis, croup, bronchitis
- air moisturization (tracheotomy), laryngitis
- Balneologie
- Pulmonology, Reizareosolapplikation

Features / Components:
- removable and sterilizable nebulizer chamber
- suitable for disposable sterile water systems, a conventional filling or a continuous operation with a Dauerfüllset
- Erzeugnung stable and dense aerosols
- bacterial filter
- Connection for heatable aerosol tube
- as a table, stand or wall rail unit
- no battery operation possible

A heatable silicone tube and medication cup are also available

Technical Data:
weight:3,5 k
width:19 cm
Depth:26 cm
time delay:max. 30 min
voltage:230/110 V, 50-60 Hz
Power:50 VA
Fog Temperature:max. +43 Degrees C
nebuliser performance:max. 4 ml / min
volume flow:1.5 to 154 l / min
particle size:0.5 to 6 micrometers
frequency:1.68 MHz
power levels 4
max. Performance of the tube heater:80VA

Price (without guarantee):
1397.00 EUR plus VAT (price list 2004)
When the price is it a Manufacturer list Price.


CE 0088

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TUR Therapietechnik GmbH


TUR Therapietechnik GmbH

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