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The VORTEX® is an inhalation aid and is used together with drug sprays or with so-called MDIs for the treatment of respiratory diseases. With its chamber made of metal and the cyclone-vortex principle, it promotes a reliable dosage. With the appropriate mask, it is also suitable for use with babies and children.
The VORTEX® is used to:
- Minimize coordination errors when using MDIs and - Avoid high drug depletion in the mouth and throat as well as the associated undesirable side effects.
The flexible connection ring allows application with all common metering aerosols.

Features / Components:
- Antistatic metal chamber
- Universal adapter for all common MDIs
- Visual inspection to check the spray
- Cyclonic vortex principle supports the transport of small aerosol droplets into the lung
- Protective cap
- disinfectable at home
- Disinfectable and sterilizable in the clinic

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This product description is an example of a similar product, listed by the manufacturer listed below:
Model Item no. PZN SHI no.
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Price (without guarantee):
VORTEX 24,99 EUR recommended retail price incl. VAT (price list 2016)
VORTEX with Babymaske beetle 32,73 EUR recommended retail price incl. VAT (price list 2016)
VORTEX mit Kindermaske Frosch 32,73 EUR recommended retail price incl. VAT (Price list 2016)
VORTEX with adult mask soft 35,11 EUR recommended retail price incl. VAT (price list 2016)
VORTEX Tracheo 35,00 EUR recommended retail price incl. VAT (price list 2016)


93/42/EWG / CE 0123


GKV-Hilfsmittelverzeichnis /

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PARI Medical Holding GmbH

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