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respiratory therapy for mucus / -elimination

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  1. Quake zur Schleimlösung/-elimination
  2. Quake zur Schleimlösung/-elimination

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- PEP-mouth system
- opens the airways
- dissolves mucus
- facilitates expectoration of secretions
- improves lung function and blood gases
- expands the bronchi
- suitable for 22mm standard face masks
- demountable and dishwasher safe

Pharmaceutical central number:0614854


Quake is a respiratory aids for expiratory exercises. exhalation exercises with PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure), so positive expiratory pressure, aim to eliminate a build up of secretion in patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases of the lungs.
The device consists of a mouthpiece with angled handle and supported in the use in the hand, Quake differs from other similar (expiratory) Respiratory physiotherapy equipment through the crank. The patient exhales through the mouthpiece, and rotates the crank during breathing exercises, in order to generate a vibration. Depending on how fast it is rotated, vary the vibration intensity and thus the exhalation, which ensures the solution of secretions in the respiratory system

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Thayer Medical Corporation
4575 South Palo Verde Rd., Suite 337
AZ 85714 Tucson
United States Telephone: +1 800 250-3330 Email: Homepage:


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