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respiratory therapy to mucus / -elimination

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  1. PEP/RMT-Set für Kleinkinder zur Schleimlösung/-elimination
  2. Optionales Zubehör

Features / Components:

- PEP-mask system
- opens the airways
- dissolves mucus
- facilitates expectoration of secretions
- improves lung function and blood gases
- expands the bronchi
- demountable and dishwasher safe
- is suitable for all ages
- delivery consisting of a mask with luftgepolstertem bead, a valve and a set of color coded resistors (8)


The PEP / RMT set is a Breathing aids for expiratory and inspiratory exercises. respiratory exercises with PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure), so positive expiratory pressure, aim to eliminate a build up of secretion in patients suffering from acute and chronic diseases of the lungs. RMT (Respiratory Muscle Training), thus respiratory muscle training by increasing the dose Einatmungswiderstandes, serves to increase the Diaphragmakraft and endurance. This relief of shortness of breath is caused.
The PEP / RMT set can also be used in conjunction with spacers to the Areas of Application:of MDIs. With the optionally available PEP / RMT manometer the correct inputs and expiratory resistance is determined and checked

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medimex GmbH
In den Fritzenstücker 9 - 11
65549 Limburg
Germany Telephone: 06431 7302-300 Email: Homepage:


medimex GmbH
In den Fritzenstücker 9 - 11
65549 Limburg
Germany Telephone: 06431 7302-300 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Options / Accessories:

For the product the following additional products are available in the range of agency:

Product Order no. Pharmaceutical central number.
Mask for infants, size 0 8M040215 5538218
mask for children, size 2 8M040216 5538247
mask for adults, size 5 8M040217 5538193
pocket 8M040218 5538282
valve 8M040221 5538299
resistance rate 1.5 to 5.5 mm 8M040222 5538520
manometer, tee and tubing 8M040220 5538187
tee and tubing for pressure gauge 8M040223 5538276

Related Products:
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Produc Order no. Pharmaceutical central number. SHI-No.
PEP / RMT set for toddlers, size 0 8M040211 5538253
PEP / RMT set for children, size 2 8M040212 5538201
PEP / RMT set for adults, size 5 8M040213 5538224 14: 24 .08.1002
PEP / RMT set for adults, size 4 8M040214 5538230

Indication in accordance with manufacturers instructions:
- asthma - chronic bronchitis
- Cystic Fibrosis
- emphysema - neuromuscular diseases



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