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The Vest - System | Modell 205

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System for secretion mobilization using high-frequency oscillation of the thoracic wall

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- Mucoviscidosis
- Bronchiectasis
- Pneumonia
- Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (especially in unstable bronchial system)


- Intracranial pressure> 20 mm Hg , or patients for whom increased intracranial pressure must be avoided
- Recent spinal surgery or acute spinal injury
- Bronchopleural fistula
- Pulmonary edema associated with congestive heart failure
- Large pleural effusion or empyema
- Pulmonary embolism
- Rib fractures with or without thoracic instability
- Surgical wounds or healing tissue or recently grafted thoracic skin graft
- Uncontrolled hypertension
- Swollen abdomen - Recent oesophageal surgery
- Active or recent strong hemoptysis
- Uncontrolled respiratory tract condition with aspiration risk such as gavage or recently taken meal
- Subcutaneous emphysema - Recently administered epidural / spinal infusion or spinal anesthesia
- Burns, scalds, open wounds and skin infections in the thorax
- Transvenous or subcutaneous pacemaker
- Hemodynamic instability - Suspected pulmonary tuberculosis
- Pulmonary contusion
- Bronchospasm
- Osteoporosis or Rib Osteomyelitis
- Blood Coagulation Disorders
- Thoracic Pain of Unclear Genesis


The Vest The Vest consists of an inflatable vest and a ventilation unit connected to each vest by two connecting tubes , The vest airway clearance system facilitates the removal of retained secretions due to acute and chronic respiratory illnesses. The system may assist airway clearance in patients with respiratory dysfunction, retained secretions and / or ineffective cough, or in the removal of secretions due to immobility, muscle breakdown or muscle weakness. The product supports the mobilization of pulmonary secretions by thoracic high frequency oscillation therapy (HFCWO). Focusing on the needs of acute care, it allows patients to breathe easier.

Features / Components:

- Flexible Programming:Normal Mode, Ramp Mode, Program Mode with Cough Pause Option
- Movement on four independent swivel casters
- positioning with quick access for disposable clothing
- One-touch data entry
- Dual language options
- Reduces average therapy time compared to CPT (breast physiotherapy)
- Mobilizes secretions at least as good as CPT
- Provides consistent therapy
- Allows for Simultaneous aerosol treatment


- Air pulse generator
- Remote control
- Air hoses
- Power cable
- Instructions for use

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Hillrom GmbH
Limbecker Platz 1
45127 Essen
Germany Telephone: 0800 8635537 Email: Homepage:


Börgel GmbH
Beatmungsmedizinische Dienstleistungen und Technik
An der Meil 4
65555 Limburg a. d. Lahn
Germany Telephone: 06431 94710 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: 8kg
Size (H x W x D): 24.1cm x 33.0cm x 24.1cm
Wall material: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane-coated nylon
Energy supply: 100 volts to 230 volts AC , 50 Hz to 60 Hz

Options / Accessories:

- Device stand incl. Handle bar
- Release lever for height adjustment
- four lockable rollers
- Stand
- Basket



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