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acapella duet PEP-Vibrationstherapiesystem

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Breathing therapy for mucus solution / elimination by vibration

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The Acapella duet PEP vibration therapy system produces an oscillating, positive pressure with adjustable breathing resistance. The generated vibrations support the dissolution of the secretion as well as its removal.

Features / Components:

- PEP Oral System
- opens the airway
- dissolves the mucus through vibration
- variable resistance and frequency
- facilitates exhalation of secretions
- improves lung function and blood gases
- dilates the bronchi
- dismantled and dishwasher safe


1x Application description
1x Body and mouthpiece

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Smiths Medical Deutschland GmbH
Bretonischer Ring 3
85630 Grasbrunn
Germany Telephone: 089 242959-0 Email: Email: Homepage:


HaB GmbH
Porschestr. 4
21423 Winsen an der Luhe
Germany Telephone: 04171 8908170 Email: Homepage:

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