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Atemphysiotherapiegerät Shaker Plus und Shaker Deluxe

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Chest physiotherapy device

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  1. Shaker Plus
  2. Shaker Plus mit Aufbewahrungsbeutel
  3. Shaker Plus mit Verpackung
  4. Shaker Deluxe mit Aufberwahrungstasche
  5. Einzelteile Shaker Deluxe


- chronic diseases like COPD
- Asthma
- emphysema
- Cough
- flu
- bronchitis


Respiratory physiotherapy device - causes the release of pulmonary secretions. The housing contains a ball with a specific weight. By deliberately exhaling into the device, the ball is raised and then falls down again due to your own weight. The lifting and falling of the ball creates vibrations that lie on the chest, releasing and diluting the bronchial mucus and allowing it to cough up more easily.

Features / Components:

- Bag for storage included
- Shaker Plus: multi-user device, since autoclavable
- Shaker Deluxe: one-person device

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Shaker Plus
Shaker Deluxe

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POWERbreathe International Ltd
Northfield Road
CV47 0FG Warwickshire
Telephone: +44 1926 816100 Homepage:


HaB GmbH
Porschestr. 4
21423 Winsen an der Luhe
Germany Telephone: 04171 8908170 Email: Homepage:

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