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VibraVest Hochfrequente Vibrations-Weste

Product Type:

Respiratory therapy device

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Areas of Application:

amongst other things:
- cystic fibrosis
- secretolysis (to loosen secretions)


The device works on the principle of high frequency chest wall oscillation, also called HFCWO. The viscosity of the secretion is reduced by a series of small, battery-operated motors that vibrate vertically on the chest wall and on the back. Patients are supported in mobilizing and coughing up the secretion. At the same time, blood circulation and lymph flow are promoted. The mobility of the person is maintained because the device works without a cable, hose or wire to an external device.
With the HFCWO method, the secretion is released by deep vibrations without exerting pressure on the thorax. An improved mucus solution is achieved if the VibraVest is inhaled before use to liquefy the mucus.

Features / Components:

- Therapy programs: soft, medium, intense
- Modes: percussion, vibration, drainage
- Rotating electric motors, which can penetrate deeply into the tissue due to high vibration frequencies
- 6 different sizes for children and adults

Price (without guarantee):

4,998.00 EUR VAT included

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OxyCare GmbH
Holzweide 6
28307 Bremen
Germany Telephone: 0421 489966 Email: Homepage:


OxyCare GmbH
Holzweide 6
28307 Bremen
Germany Telephone: 0421 489966 Email: Homepage:

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