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Assistive Product Orthesensets T-Flex, Flexionsorthesen nach Krämer, | Informationen zum Modularsystem (4-Stufen-Therapie)

Product Type:

Flexion orthosis


Modular system (4-step therapy):
1st stage (discharge, greatest possible flexion)

In the 1st stage, a deflowering dosage is achieved by the height-adjustable plastic frame with rigid metal rails and the individually adjustable abdominal pad; the rotation of the lumbar spine is significantly restricted. The intra-abdominal pressure is increased and chest breathing is inhibited. The spinal column is relieved by the distraction created in the inspiration phase. The intradiscal pressure decreases, the spinal canal and the foramina are widened, which leads to a relief of the neuronal structures.

2nd stage (stabilise, weakened flexion)
In stage 2, the adjustment is initiated in approximation to the physiological lumbar lordosis. The rigid metal splints inserted in the plastic frame are replaced by more flexible splints. The abdominal pad is removed. The patient is still well stabilized by the more flexible frame, but the flexion is reduced and the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine is approximately restored.

Stage 3 (mobilisation, return to physiological lordosis)
In the 3rd stage, the plastic frame is replaced by the flexible link pad. The remaining high cross support corset with pad provides the patient with support and relief for the lumbar spine. Rotational movements are still restricted and the spine is protected from excessive strain.

4th stage (activate, relief through body suspension)
In the last stage, the patient is left with the support with flexible limb support as a long-term therapeutic aid. The additional prescription of a lumbar bandage with pad, which is usually necessary after treatment with a flexion corset, can be dispensed with.

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Wilhelm Zours GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 18
64646 Heppenheim
Germany Telephone: 06252 72064 Email: Homepage:


Wilhelm Zours GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 18
64646 Heppenheim
Germany Telephone: 06252 72064 Email: Homepage:

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