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Assistive Product T-Flex, Flexionsorthese Damen und Herren nach Krämer (4-Stufen-Therapie)

Product Type:

Flexion orthosis with mobilization function


  • Severe lumboischialgia with severe paresis
  • for operations Contraindication
  • for patients who refuse surgery
  • Severe, radicular, pseudo-radicular lumbar syndrome (conservatively resistant to therapy)
  • Spondylolisthesis grade III with severe lumboischialgia and/or pareses
  • severe lumbar deformity with hypermobility in facet syndrome/arthrosis
  • Condition after spinal surgery

Merger dorso-ventral and merger dorso-lateral
Spinal canal decompression one-day with deformity and multi-day
Thoracic spine surgery with large prolapse and lumbar instability
  • Spinal canal stenosis with paresis and surgery contraindication
  • Osteoporotic sintering (several vertebral bodies)
  • Vertebral fractures post-traumatic with considerable vertebral body damage
  • pathological fractures, e.g. plasmocytoma with vertebral body collapse


The application and wearing of such aids may be contraindicated in the following clinical pictures:
  • Skin disease/injury in the supplied body part
  • for inflammatory phenomena, raised scars with swelling, redness and overheating
  • Sensory disorders
  • greater restriction of cardiopulmonary performance
  • Danger of increased blood pressure with the aid of an attached device and increased physical performance
Side effects:
Bandages or orthoses that are too tight can lead to local pressure or, in rare cases, constrict blood vessels or nerves: Due to the principle of the bandage (delor dosage by increasing the intra-abdominal pressure), there may be an increased risk of diseases associated with increased intra-abdominal pressure, such as hypertension, venous reflux disorder, inguinal hernias, reflux complaints, etc.


Modular system (4-step therapy) see ID-number OW/00862:
  • Stage 1: dislocation, greatest possible flexion
  • Stage 2: stabilise, weakened flexion
  • Stage 3: mobilization, return to physiological lordosis
  • Step 4: activate, relief through body suspension
Due to the plastic frame and the abdominal pad, a deflowering of the lumbar spine is achieved in the 1st stage, the rotation is clearly limited. In the 2nd stage, flexible rods are inserted into the back frame and the abdominal support is removed, thereby reducing flexion and approximately restoring physiological lordosis. In the 3rd stage, the back frame is replaced by a pad,
what remains is a high back support bodice. In the 4th stage the upper bodice is removed, it remains as a long-term therapeutic aid.

The T-Flex orthoses consist of a bodice set and a plastic set, which can be ordered and delivered together or each in a separate packaging unit. The individual elements must be assembled by the orthopaedic technician and adapted to the anatomical conditions of the patient and according to the doctor's instructions.

Features / Components:

T-Flex Flexion Orthosis consisting of:
Orthosis forging set Flexion orthosis:
  • T-Flex corset lower part and upper part
  • T-Flex reinforcement belt
  • 1 strip double-sided velcro fastening
  • 4 loops with velcro fastening
  • 2 Velcro fasteners for fastening the plastic frame
  • Oversizes available on request
Plastic set flexion orthosis:
  • T-Flex back part top and bottom
  • T-Flex adjustable abdominal support (not with T-Flex B)
  • 2 spring steel rods rigid
  • 2 spring steel rods flexible
  • a Tigges pad
  • length: 29 cm

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Further Information

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Wilhelm Zours GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 18
64646 Heppenheim
Germany Telephone: 06252 72064 Email: Homepage:


Wilhelm Zours GmbH
Wilhelmstr. 18
64646 Heppenheim
Germany Telephone: 06252 72064 Email: Homepage:


  • the orthosis is available in 3 versions (normal, waisted and high)
  • the orthosis is available in 6 sizes (76 - 135 cm girth)
  • the orthosis is available in 2 colours (black, skin)



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