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Assistive Product Nierengurt mit Stabilisator

Product Type:

Back and belly bandage without pad

Areas of Application:

When overloaded by heavy carrying and lifting, when bending over (gardening), when doing mainly sitting office work and when doing almost all sporting activities.


As a kidney belt without a stabilizer warming back. As a back support with stabilizer - can also be retrofitted later.

Features / Components:

  • 2-part kidney belt system (combination system)
  • Combination system also as a back support
  • Consists of a basic belt and with / without stabilizer
  • Provides support in the back and in the Abdominal muscles
  • protects against cold and drafts at low temperatures
  • anatomically correct
  • suitable for summer / winter
  • the belt is only 10 cm wide in the front area
  • belt is angled 8 degrees upwards in order to do justice to the anatomy of the body
  • Angle prevents the belt from slipping upwards in the sitting position
  • there is no annoying pressure on the lumbar crook
  • closed, elastic fabric with membrane properties
  • material is heat-generating and breathable
  • material protects the pelvis / waist area from the cold and drafts
  • Coarse-meshed net to dissipate moisture
  • Wigona springs in the back make it difficult to bend the back
  • Springs prevent incorrect lifting techniques and relieve the strain en the back muscles while sitting
  • vibrations are minimized
  • loop tape with Wigona spring for attaching the stabilizer
  • removable stabilizer
  • for combining the summer / winter kidney belt and back support
  • soft lateral reinforcements
  • continuously adjustable Velcro fasteners on the basic belt
  • Velcro fasteners are attached diagonally upwards
  • fasteners are closed in the middle over the stomach
  • no slipping of the belt when pressed

Price (without guarantee):

Retail price including VAT:
38.90 EUR - kidney belt with stabilizer
28.90 EUR - kidney belt without stabilizer

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Grafenstr. 3
42277 Wuppertal
Germany Telephone: 0202 644200 Email: Homepage:


Grafenstr. 3
42277 Wuppertal
Germany Telephone: 0202 644200 Email: Homepage:


Size waist circumference with without
S 70 - 80 cm 6110 6210
M 80 - 90 cm 6120 6210
L 90 - 100 cm 6130 6210
XL 100 - 110 cm 6140 6210
XXL 110 - 130 cm 6150 6210
The waist circumference is measured over the clothing.



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Last Update: 13 Apr 2021