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Assistive Product Lumbo Fit 70 | Lumbo Fit 72

Product Type:

Narrow / high corset


  • Lumbargia
  • Lumboischialgia and lumbocruralgia
  • Spondylarthrosis and lumbar discopathies
  • Slight trauma to the lumbosacral spine and paravertebral lumbar muscle contracture
  • Postoperative treatment of the lumbar spine
  • only lumbar spine disorders
  • Lumbofit72 only: fracture treatment in the case of a transversal process

Features / Components:

  • separate, large-area drawstrings have a supportive effect and are variably and individually adjustable
  • material in the front and side areas made of viscose staple fiber and elastomer
  • rear part Breathable fabric: skin-friendly, non-cytotoxic, without latex
  • 4 rear guides for the introduction of reinforced rigid rods (optional) instead of the self-shaping rods supplied
  • the abdominal area is reinforced with transverse spiral rods
  • Velcro fastener on the front
  • available in 6 sizes (XS - XXL)

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Orthoservice AG
Via Milano 7
6830 Chiasso
Switzerland Telephone: +41 91 8220088 Email: Homepage:


Orthoservice Deutschland GmbH
Flugstr. 8
76532 Baden-Baden
Germany Telephone: 07221 9913911 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Waist measurement: 50 - 135 cm
Height front: 20 cm / 26 cm
Height back: 32 cm / 36 cm

Options / Accessories:

  • Lumbar pad: M.1078 / P
  • Additional reinforcing rod: M .9ST012



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Last Update: 14 Apr 2021