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Discoflex Plus-Flexionsorthese

Product Type:
Flexion orthosis

- Diskopathies
- Lumbago
- Spondylolysis
- Spondylolisthesis
- Spinal Canal Stenosis

The application of the flexion orthosis achieves consistent pressure relief for the lumbar motion segments and an improvement in statics.

Essential features of the orthosis are the abdominal support and the straight back, which flatten the lumbar lordosis according to the 3-point principle. Since only hyperlordosis is pathogenetically effective for most clinical pictures, orthosis should only prevent reclination. According to dynamically functional principles, all other movements can be made from the slight flexion position, so that a rigid fixation is not required.

Features / Components:
- Flexion orthosis with bandage especially for corpulent persons
- integrated elastic bandage, removable
- by Velcro straps adjustable abdominal pad
- thermoplastic deformable reinforced steel frame

Technical Data:
Material Frame: Copolymer
Material padding: Polyethylene foam
Color: White
Hip circumference: 85 to 110 cm

Price (no guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.




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Basko Orthopädie Handelsgesellschaft mbH


Basko Orthopädie Handelsgesellschaft mbH

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