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Somnipax C Pap Pro

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Mouthpiece against mouth leakage in CPAP therapy

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Somnipax Cpap Pro Schildschiene


The snore stopper covers the mouth and prevents air leakage through the mouth during a CPAP breathing through the nose. Helps to maintain the overpressure in the airways and to keep the airways clear, thus preventing snoring. Due to the size of the mouthpiece, no ingestion is possible.

Features / Components:

- allows in many cases the change of ventilation from full face mask to nasal mask
- Easy adaptation in a water bath to your own denture possible
- thin, flexible material ensures comfort
- free of BPA and plasticizers
- 1 x mouthpiece
- 1x temperature measuring strip
- 1x storage box

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69,99 EUR incl. VAT

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AescuBrands UG
Henkestr. 91
91052 Erlangen
Germany Telephone: 09131 6238960 Email: Homepage:


health.On Ventures GmbH
Henkestr. 91
91052 Erlangen
Germany Telephone: 09131 6238940 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Total width: 8.5 cm
Depth: 1.7 cm
Height 4 cm


Somnipax Shield, the snore stopper mouthpiece



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