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- for the treatment of snoring and nocturnal respiratory failure due to sleep apnea

Areas of Application:

threw the night wearing the splint can reduce or eliminate snoring and breathing interruptions. The splints provide the desired advancement of the lower jaw and tongue, and thus the opening of the airways. In this way, the soft tissue and muscles of the upper airways remain taut, so that the tongue does not fall backwards and narrows the airway. The vibration and the fluttering of the soft tissue (soft palate and uvula) are reduced or at best even prevented


The SomnoGuard splints are an option for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The splints are made of a thermoplastic material that softens when heated in the boiling water and be formed in the adaptation in the mouth according to the individual tooth and jaw formation

Features / Components:

- Simple adjustment within minutes
- repeatable adjustment
- biocompatible material without allergenic plasticizer
- with CPAP mask combined (to reduce pressure)
- secure fit and good dental adhesion
- easy handling and cleaning
- easy to store and everywhere with

SomnoGuard AP 2:

- two-piece, continuously adjustable, prefabricated anti-snoring track
- stepless adjustable feed of the lower jaw from 0 to about 10 mm
- lateral mobility of the mandible
- unhindered breathing through the mouth as needed

SomnoGuard SP:

- two-piece, adjustable in stages, prefabricated anti-snoring track
- in stages adjustable feed of the lower jaw of approximately -3 to +10 mm
- suitability even with a receding lower jaw
- very small bite-blocking (the vertical distance of the front teeth is only about 2 to 3 mm)
- mouth breathing and mouth possible

SomnoGuard 3:

- one-piece anti-snoring track
- mandibular advancement is performed by the biting in the thermoplastic material
- good dental adhesion
- suitable for every type of jaw size

SomnoGuard AP Pro:

- two-piece anti -Schnarchschiene
- stepless adjustable feed of the lower jaw from 0 to about 10 mm
- custom-made after Zahnabruck
- durability


This splints was not designed as a so-called crunch splint for patients with bruxism. If you suffer from teeth grinding, its best to talk to your dentist about therapeutic alternatives

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