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- Airway constriction
- in case of suspected sleep apnea, the efficacy should be evaluated in a sleep laboratory

- in the toothless mouth the Silensor can not be attached
- in the case of a residual dentition the assessment of the dentist is necessary
- a considerable amount of alcohol or thickening has an effect on the function of the orthosis


The orthosis consists of a transparent splint for the upper jaw and the lower jaw. The lower jaw is moved forward by two pulls, which connect the two splints laterally. This allows the orthosis to enlarge the pharynx.

The speed of the inhaled air decreases and thus the noise-forming flutter of the soft parts.

Clinical studies have shown that the advance of the mandible can reduce or prevent snoring in over 90 percent of the patients and can reduce the apnea index by up to 50 percent.

Features / Components:

- snoring protection
- Jaw movements are possible
- the lower back and lower of the lower jaw is not possible
- the Silensor dilates the pharynx
- dainty design does not interfere with mouth breathing
- the lower jaw is positioned by means of 2 laterally mounted connectors
- Medical device class 1


- 2 x parts card (with connector, placeholder / retaining pin, drilling sleeve, sl-protrusion gauge, measuring stencils, placeholders, anchors)
- 1 x HSS drill (1.4 mm)
- One disc Erkodur 2.0 mm
- 1 disc Erkodur freeze 2.0 mm
- 1 disc Erkoloc-pro 3,0 mm
- 1 disc Erkoloc-pro blu 3,0 mm
- 1 disk cups 1,0 mm
- 1 x pattern Erkogum violet
- 1 x pattern blocking wax purple
- 1 x pattern Erkoskin
- 2 x samples Aton-Lab 80 A + B
- 2 x Erkobox
- 2x bite aid strips
- 2 x Silensor care instructions
- 10 x Silensor-sl patient flyer
- 2 x Silensor-sl Instructions with connector use and change ZA / ZT information

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ERKODENT Erich Kopp GmbH
Siemensstr. 3
72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler
Germany Telephone: 07445 85010 Email: Homepage:


ERKODENT Erich Kopp GmbH
Siemensstr. 3
72285 Pfalzgrafenweiler
Germany Telephone: 07445 85010 Email: Homepage:


- consists of soft and comfortable splint material
- the hard outer layer provides the necessary stability

- is made of hard material
- is used with very low retention or with large tooth gaps



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