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Assistive Product Miami JTO Thoraxabstützung

Product Type:

Chest support for cervical orthosis


Damage to the lower cervical spine
- 1st degree instabilities
- Isolated fractures of individual vertebral segments
- Massa lateralis fracture
- Spinous process fracture

Damage to the upper cervical spine
- stable Jefferson or Hangmann fracture
- Dens fracture type I
- for a stronger stabilization than with the cervical orthosis alone


The JTO thorax support gives the Miami J cervical orthosis additional support. The stabilizer can only be used in combination with Miami J and strengthens the stabilizing effect on the cervical spine at the cervical junction.

Features / Components:

- increased stabilization by adding to the cervical orthosis
- simultaneous treatment of injuries in the cervical spine area and upper thorax
- Functional principle for maximum immobilization effect and exclusion of compensatory movements
- Easy tool-free putting on and taking off
- with antibacterial Sorbatex padding
- the material has been proven to prevent the growth of bacteria
- MRI, CT & X-ray permeable
- with Miami J. Cervical orthosis compatible in all sizes
- also compatible with Miami Jr cervical orthosis for chil

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Össur hf. - Head Office
Iceland Homepage:


Össur Deutschland GmbH
Melli-Beese-Str. 11
50829 Köln
Germany Telephone: 0800 1808379 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

- Item number: MTP-950 (accessory), individual replacement pads


- One size, universally applicable
- Item number: MT-900 , JTO Miami thorax support
- Item number: MTR-900, JTO Miami thorax support with exchange pad



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