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Dyneva - Dynamische Flexionsorthese zur Aufrichtung der Wirbelsäule

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Dynamic flexion orthosis for straightening the lumbar spine

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  1. Dyneva - Dynamische Flexionsorthese
  2. Dyneva - Dynamische Flexionsorthese


- Lumbar spinal canal stenosis
- Lumbar facet syndrome
- Lumbar root irritation syndrome (lymbocrualgia, lumboischalgia)
- Lumbar instability (spondylolisthesis, spondoylolysis)
- Lumbar spondylarthritis
- Intervertebral disc protrusion and prolapse in the lumbar spine
- General degeneration symptoms with height reduction of the intervertebral disc


The orthosis is used to straighten the lumbar spine and to correct postural defects.
This can reduce pain and increase mobility.

Features / Components:

- The patented spring has a muscle strength-regulating effect
- Straightens the lumbar spine during movement
- Open back construction for high patient compliance
- Corrected due to erection
- Modulates and relieves (decompresses) the lumbar spine area by applying a torque via the dynamic springs
- First dynamic flexion orthosis for the lumbar spine

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Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA
Max-Näder-Str. 15
37115 Duderstadt
Germany Telephone: 05527 848-0 Email: Homepage:


Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH
Max-Näder-Str. 15
37115 Duderstadt
Germany Telephone: 05527 848-0 Email: Homepage:


- available in six sizes from XS to XXL (27 - 42 cm chest distance or 30 - 45 cm abdominal distance)



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