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Re-Flex Shock - Prothesenfuß

Product Type:

Carbon spring foot with integrated shock absorber

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Re-Flex Shock - Prothesenfuß


The Re-Flex Shock is a foot with integrated shock absorber for reduced impact force on the stump and spine.

Features / Components:

- high energy return on vertical and horizontal level
- integrated vertical Shock absorber
- with carbon fiber side spring
- with adjustable damper module
- full forefoot lever
- active tibial progression
- active carbonX heel
- split forefoot spring
- degree of mobility 3 and 4
- description of the product properties

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Össur hf. - Head Office
Grjothalsi 5
110 Reykjavik
Iceland Telephone: +354 515 13-00 Email: Homepage:


Össur Deutschland GmbH
Augustinusstr. 11a
50226 Frechen
Germany Telephone: 02234 6039-102 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Category: 1 to 9
Sizes: 22 - 30 cm
Weight: 1048 g (including adapter and cosmetics)
Heel height: 10 or 19 mm
Construction height: 255 - 288 mm
Vertical sinking depth: maximum 25 mm

Options / Accessories:

- Foot cosmetics
- Lower leg cosmetics
- 4-hole pyramid adapter / pyramid holder for 100/166 kg body weight
- 4-hole pipe clamp adapter for 100 kg body weight
- 4-hole pipe clamp adapter for 166 kg body weight
- 4- Single hole adapter for 100 kg body weight
- 4-hole single adapter for 166 kg body weight
- 4-hole adapter (with 6 mm fastening), side spring, elastomer buffer


In addition, the connection option of the shock module and the side spring must be selected in order to Complete set available (see accessories).

The one-piece forefoot spring with 10 or 19 mm heel height is available as a special order.



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