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Toe epithesis

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A good supply of the foot should not only restore the natural shape and form, but also largely restore mobility. The aim of the prosthesis is to redistribute the pressure in order to correct punctual overloading of the foot.
In addition, misalignment of the toes being preserved is largely prevented. A realistic color and shape design is possible, which is based on the natural appearance.
Various plastics are available today, which can be combined individually to optimally reproduce the missing limbs, both functionally and cosmetically.
To the prosthesis on the stump To fix, a fixation around neighboring toes or around the midfoot is necessary.
With a very personal design on the patient, as well as coloring with an eye for detail, an optimal aesthetic is achieved. The epithesis can be held by a special implant-borne telescopic magnet or by mechanical holding elements.

Features / Components:

- elasticity of the material
- high wearing comfort
- individual design and coloring
- fixation with magnetic systems
- not only functionality but especially beautiful Appearance
- individual shape and length of the toenails
- for a good hold and even pressure distribution

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Institut für Epithetik
Harburger-Heerstr. 27
29223 Celle
Germany Telephone: 05141 978905 Email: Homepage:


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