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College Park Truper Kinderfuß

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Carbon spring foot for children

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College Park Truper Kinderfuß


This child foot is individually adjustable and can be adjusted to the constant changes of the child such as. B. adjust in growth.
The multiaxial structure of the prosthetic foot enables internal and external rotation. The rotation of the hip is compensated for by the rotation transfer to the multiaxial joint. The forefoot spring thus ensures good contact with the ground for safe walking and running.

Features / Components:

- multiaxial prosthetic foot with forefoot spring
- with ankle connection for modular design
- suitable for 22 mm modular system
- foot enables internal and external rotation
- with forefoot and heel buffer, buffer exchange possible
- sandal toe allows free choice of shoes
- easy growth compensation and gear adjustment
- reduces fatigue and protects the stump
- adjustable step control for individual gear adjustment
- degree of mobility 1 to 4
- dynamic energy recovery
- delivery including foot cosmetics, spectrum sock and sealing cap

Price (without guarantee):

The price is on request via the manufacturer / distributor available.

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College Park Industries
27955 College Park Drive
MI 48088 Warren
United States Telephone: +1 586 294-7950 Email: Homepage:


Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG
Moosfeldstr. 10
82275 Emmering
Germany Telephone: 08141 6106-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: 215 - 314 g
Size: 16 - 21 cm
max. Load: 45 kg (size 16 - 18 cm)
60 kg (size 19 - 21 cm)
heel height: 6.5 mm
installation height: 5.3 - 11.8 cm


- optionally for modular or shell construction
- the prosthesis is available in 3 colors (caucasian, tan and brown)
Description of the childs prosthesis system



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