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Flex-Run - Karbonfederfuß

Product Type:

Carbon spring foot

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Flex-Run - Karbonfederfuß

Areas of Application:

- for thigh prosthesis wearers
- for long-distance runners and joggers


The Flex-Run prosthesis has a long, flat tip and thus enables high energy return. The sole provides excellent traction, stability and performance.
The Flex-Run prosthesis is designed for thigh and lower leg amputees who practice demanding sports such as jogging, cross-country running, long-distance running and triathlon.

Features / Components:

- custom-made Foot module developed for long-distance running
- low weight, vertical shock absorption and high energy return
- simple endoskeletal connection options
- active tibia progression
- full forefoot lever
- degree of mobility 4
- one size fits all
- general flex-foot product properties
- suitable foot adapter for the Flex-Run

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Further Information

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Further Product Details

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Please contact the manufacturer or distributor.


Össur hf. - Head Office
Grjothalsi 5
110 Reykjavik
Iceland Telephone: +354 515 13-00 Email: Homepage:


Össur Deutschland GmbH
Augustinusstr. 11a
50226 Frechen
Germany Telephone: 02234 6039-102 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Category: 1 to 9
max. Load: 130 kg
weight: 400 g (with sole and adjusting core)
construction height: 261 mm (without sole)


The Flex-Run is a special order and therefore excluded from the test order. The foot must always be ordered with the connection plate FWX40001.



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