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Thigh-shaped rings

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MM210 Formring Soft


The thigh-shaped rings are available in two different designs. The CASCD version differs from the plaster technique version in that it has an integrated mounting hole for mounting in the thigh try-on measuring system and a higher material thickness.

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Uniprox GmbH & Co. KG
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4
07937 Zeulenroda
Germany Telephone: 036628 6633-00 Email: Homepage:


Uniprox GmbH & Co. KG
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4
07937 Zeulenroda
Germany Telephone: 036628 6633-00 Email: Homepage:


Plaster technique version:
The thigh-shaped rings are fixed to the patient using a bandage. The plaster cast forms the distal end of the stump and encloses the form ring.

Version CASCD:
These form rings are provided with holes for the OS try-on measuring system. This technique enables a secure fixation of the shaped rings for the measurement of the residual limb (dimension sheet model service) or for the plaster technique.

Features / Components:
A) Soft
- transversely oval shaft shape
- primarily suitable for geriatricians
- wide perineum frame
- with obesity (deep groin)
- with inactivity
- female patients
B) Hard
- transversely oval shaft shape
- strong tuberosity
- no frontal pad
- high lateral guidance
C) CNC (computer-controlled manufacturing machine)
- transversely oval shaft shape with tuberosity support at 40 degrees
- for active patients
- the tuberosity is relieved of pressure
- guidance of the femur through lateral contact
- neuro-vascular area is lightly stressed
- distal contact required
- contraindications: obesity
D) encompassing the ischial bone, male
- longitudinal oval Shaft shape with dorsomedial frame of the ischium
- Ramus angle 30 degrees
- Skeletal locking
- Circulatory disorder
- After bypass surgery
- Problems of the sciatic nerve
- Osteopo rose (ischium)
- distal contact required
E) encompassing the ischium, female
- indications see (D)
- ramus angle: 45 degrees to the frame of the female pelvis
OS-shaped rings version plaster technique, soft / hard
OS-shaped rings version plaster technique, CNC / ischial encompassing
OS form rings version CASCD, soft / hard
OS form rings version CASCD, CNC / ischia encompassing
OS fitting measurement system, complete



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