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Rheo Knee

Product Type:

Bionic knee joint

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Rheo Knee 3

Areas of Application:

- Amputation height: thigh, knee disarticulation and hip disarticulation
- for patients up to max. 136 kg body weight
- for mobility grade 2 to 4 (without sport)


The RHEO KNEE 3 is a microprocessor-controlled knee joint and automatically adapts to the individual gait pattern of the respective user.
Smooth and predictable movement during flexion and extension in the swing and stance phase produces a natural, convincing and energy-efficient gait pattern.

Features / Components:

- good reaction speed
- increased safety due to fast extension when climbing stairs
- easy initiation of the swing phase
- great mobility
- high toe ground clearance at all walking speeds
- the knee adapts to the individual gait pattern
- Safety against accidental release of the knee from the stance phase
- does not give way in critical situations
- Disturbances are automatically registered when walking
- the stance phase safety is activated very quickly (protection against stumbling and falling)
- anatomic design
- the knee can be easily cosmetically treated
- built-in, elastic knee protector
- wireless Bluetooth communication
- the knee is fully compatible with all Flex-Foot products due to the low installation height

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Össur Deutschland GmbH
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