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Assistive Product Steuerung für konstante Reibung | Steuerung für Streckungshilfe

Product Type:

Friction control / extension control for knee joint

Features / Components:

Control for constant friction:
- Independent adjustment of extension and friction
- Constant friction controls the extension speed for a natural gait pattern
- Can be used in Ohio calf wood and most Durathne -Assemblies are used
- Modifications to Durathne components necessary
- Item number: 09 HD55914, control for constant friction
- Item number: 09 HD50302, Nyliner

Control for extension aid:
- adjustable extension
- Extension is controlled by compression of the inner spring
- usable for Durathne 4-axis knee
- requires the use of a back control for extension stop
- item number: 09 HD70694

Price (without guarantee):

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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Hosmer Dorrance Corporation
2710 Amnicola Highway
TN 37406 Chattanooga
United States Telephone: +1 423 6240946 Email: Homepage:


Horst Rattenhuber GmbH
Clemensänger-Ring 3
85384 Freising
Germany Telephone: 08161 4831-3 Email: Homepage:

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