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Entegra Einachs-Kniegelenk

Product Type:

Hydraulic Knee Joint, Monocentric

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Entegra Einachs-Kniegelenk

Features / Components:

- Aluminum alloy frame
- Proximal accessories: System up to 360 degrees rotation
- Knee frame fits most Swing or Stance units
- Sturdy bolt construction
- Smooth cosmetic Panel to protect cosmetics
- Weight limit: 100 kg
- Weight: 498 g
- Length: 21.43 cm
The top of the knees and the corresponding adapters have been designed uniformly to allow a rotation of 360 degrees.
Possible connections on the top , Pyramid with external thread, rotatable thigh mount, 4-hole adapter and spectrum adjustment adapter.

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Hosmer Dorrance Corporation
2710 Amnicola Highway
TN 37406 Chattanooga
United States Telephone: +1 423 6240946 Email: Homepage:


Horst Rattenhuber GmbH
Clemensänger-Ring 3
85384 Freising
Germany Telephone: 08161 4831-3 Email: Homepage:


Article number version
09 HD61025 knee frame with cover
09 HD61024 knee frame
09 HD61124 cover for Entegra knee
09 HD61020 kneecap
09 HD61115 screw for kneecap

Control elements:
- Dupaco hydraulic control
- Dupaco Lite hydraulic phase control
- Pneumatic control unit
- Friction and extension control



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