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Assistive Product Total Knee 2000

Product Type:

Hydraulic knee joint, polycentric


- for long femoral stumps and knee disarticulation
- for patients up to max. 100 kg body weight
- applicable for different walking speeds in everyday life
- for mobility grade 3 to 4


With the revision of the polycentric knee joint the Total Knee has a new look and is stronger and more enduring. The polycentric knee joint offers active users high shock absorption, increased comfort and a natural gait. The shortening of the prosthesis in the middle swing phase provides an increased ground clearance to prevent hip lifting. The hydraulic swing phase control adapts to changing walking speeds. In addition, the adjustable flexion resistance minimizes knee flexion during the early stance phase. This reduces shocks and stress on the residual limb. We recommend using the optional spring extension.

Features / Components:

- Suitable for different walking speeds in everyday life
- Polycentric (seven-axis) knee joint with geometric locking system
- Hydraulic swing phase control with 3 phases and 3 valves
- Adjustable flexion resistance
- Adjustable extension aid and stretch stop
- Low overall height
- Controlled sinking within a secured area
- with buffer set%
- proximal with connection thread for adapter components
- distal with tube clamp
- matching knuckle sleeves and cosmetic accessories
- matching cosmetic foam coatings
- with aluminium hinged frame
- Knee bend angle: 160 degrees (maximum)
- Weight approx.: 690 g
- low installation height: 173 mm

Price (without guarantee):

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