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Assistive Product Mauch Knee

Product Type:

Hydraulic knee joint, monocentric

Areas of Application:

- for mobility levels 3 and 4
- suitable for low to high activity
- ability to actively perceive and control knee stability in changing conditions
- with the ability or potential in different Go speeds
- interested in advanced practical features
such as: B. Physiological stairs and going down slopes, running and / or cycling
- approved for users up to 136 kg body weight

Features / Components:

- Single-axis hydraulic knee joint with swing phase control and stance phase damping (SNS)
- developed for different walking speeds
- increased durability and safe movement
- extremely durable aluminum frame
- new bearing technology of the knee axis and suspension of the cylinder for smoother movement
- low resistance kits and swing knee kits available as special order
- yielding function
- mode selector lever for manual locking and free swing movement
- slim profile for good cosmetic cladding
- maximum knee bending angle: approx. 115 degrees
- increased weight limit of 136 kg
- weight of the knee: 1140 g with cylinder

- article number MKN01360, Mauch Knee SNS
- article number MKN01361, Mauch Knee Low Resistance SNS
- item number MKN01362, Mauch Knee S (pure swing phase control)
- Item number MKN01363, Mauch Knee High Stance SNS

- Item number MKA01361, knee cap, screw
- Item number MKA01362, front cover
- Item number MKA01363, rear cover
- Item number MKA01364, side cover plug
- Item number MKA01365, extension stop, soft
- article number MKA01366, extension stop, hard

Price (without guarantee):

the price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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