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Dupaco Hydraulik-Steuerung Dupaco Hydraulik-Steuerung | multiplex

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Hydraulic control for knee joints

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Kniegelenk-Passteil für Prothesen

Features / Components:

- for the highest possible, natural walking movement
- adjustable flexion and extension resistance
- setting by means of flow control of the hydraulic oil
- flexion and extension can be set independently of one another
- automatic adjustment to changes in gait rhythm - Pendulum phase control for correct heel lifting and connection impulse
- Also available for knee disarticulation components

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Hosmer Dorrance Corporation
2710 Amnicola Highway
TN 37406 Chattanooga
United States Telephone: +1 423 6240946 Email: Homepage:


Horst Rattenhuber GmbH
Clemensänger-Ring 3
85384 Freising
Germany Telephone: 08161 4831-3 Email: Homepage:


- Item number 09 HD52211, Dupaco Control
- Item number 09 HD70465, Dupaco Control, multiple control



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