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OH5 Oberschenkelkniegelenk

Product Type:
Hydraulic knee joint, polycentric

Areas of Application:
- for thigh amputation or knee disarticulation
- for moderately active to highly active users
- for users who need a high level of security
- for mobility classes 3 and 4

The OH5 knee joint offers a good cushioning at higher speeds and adapts easily to changing walking speeds. This ensures a harmonious and dynamic gait pattern. The multi-axis joint construction ensures a large ground clearance. Thanks to the integrated turn and slide function, the prosthesis can also be readjusted at a later date. The high knee flexion angle makes it easier to kneel, sit or even get into a car and thus leads to great freedom of movement and a high level of comfort. The joint can be used for different amputation heights thanks to four different socket connection options.

Features / Components:
- Polycentric knee joint
- With a stable aluminum frame construction
- Possibility to move up to 5 mm AP / ML
- Harmonious gait through individually adjustable swing phase
- Safe heel strike thanks to the locking geometry
- Easy adjustment of the shaft connection
- Higher gait safety thanks to more ground clearance
- Wide angling for more freedom of movement

Technical Data:
distal connection: integrated 30 mm pipe connection
swing phase: hydraulics
ground clearance: approx. 12 mm
stance phase: 5-axis locking geometry
axes: polycentric
material: aluminum
bending angle: approx. 150 degrees (without shaft)
weight limit: 100 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE-Zeichen / ISO 10328

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Össur Deutschland GmbH


Össur Deutschland GmbH

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