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Bath prosthesis for lower leg / thigh prosthesis

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Bath prosthetics are not available as a complete product, since each prosthesis is manufactured individually. It is in the decision of the orthopedic technician which components (components) he uses and which company.

Baths are used in shell construction and serve as a water-resistant assistant. The shaft has a contact bed with valve and has lateral holes in the lower shaft. The lower leg is internally hollow so that water can flow into the cavity. The holes are so-called flood holes. This is important to reduce the buoyancy of the prosthesis body in the water.
The outer shell of the shaft is the supporting wall and also cosmetics. There must be no materials on the prosthesis, which can be destroyed by water. Always use an articulated foot as a prosthesis foot. The prosthesis shaft is firmly connected to the foot.

The following products for bathing prostheses can be found in Rehadat:

Otto Bock company
- Rubber cuff with reinforcement strip see document PU/01410
- Lock (shuttle lock) see document PU/01706
- Knee-calf fitting see document PU/00153
- Knee-calf-fit part specially for bath prosthesis see document PU/00545
- Steering splint see document PU/00377

Company Össur
- Knee cap Iceflex Endurance see document PU/01618
- Icelock retraction system see document PU/01623

Company medi Bayreuth
- Insertion set for pouring see document PU/01313
- Feeding set thermoplastic | see document PU/01314

Company Basko
- Lock (Grip-Lock) see document PU/01345
- Lock (Grip-Lock) see document PU/01346
- Lock (Grip-Lock) see document PU/01831

Company Striped
- Rubber cover for material foot see document PU/00440
- Rubber cuff see document PU/00431
- Lock (shuttle lock) see document PU/01346
- Bathing feet with toes see document PU/01664
- lower leg splint see document PU/00432

Company Teufel
- lower leg splint see document PU/00693

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