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Modular-Kniegelenk 3A40, Leichtmetall

Product Type:
Mechanical knee joint, monocentric

Areas of Application:
- for transfemoral amputees
- low functional requirements
- high stance phase safety
- no flywheel phase control
- not suitable for medium and higher active patients
- Mobility grade: 1
- Mobility grade see ID-number draft, list of aids group 24

The lower part of the joint with tube receptacle and clamping is connected by an axle to the upper part of the joint with adjustment core. In the extended position an adjustable locking device mounted in the lower joint section secures the joint. Via the locking cable the bending is released.

Features / Components:
- Monocentric knee joint with lock
- proximal: adjustment core with adjustment core bore
- distal: tube clamp
- Material: aluminium/stainless steel

Technical Data:
- Knee bend angle: approx. 140 degrees
- Overall height (centre of axle/upper edge): 35 mm
- Installation height: 42 mm
- Weight: 305 g
- maximum body weight: 100 kg

Options / Accessories:
foam cover see ID-number PU/01697 article number 60A42/36-44, 60A47/36-44 or 60A52/36-44

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG


Friedrich Georg Streifeneder KG

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