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Prosthesis for missing finger parts, whole fingers, hands and complete arms

Livingskin prostheses are high-quality, hand-made passive prostheses made of highly malleable silicone. They are tailored to the natural appearance of the wearer. From the exact skin tone to freckles, hair, tattoos and even scars, everything can be recreated. This achieves a remarkably natural look.
It is the right prosthesis for users who value the visual appearance of their prosthesis more than the functional properties. Nevertheless, some basic functions such as pushing, pulling, stabilizing and supporting can be carried out with this prosthesis.

Features / Components:
- transparent protective layer made of silicone protects against fading
- integration of adjustable inner wires possible
- easy to clean

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The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Touch Bionics GmbH


Touch Bionics GmbH

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