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- normal stump conditions
- Stump length at least 2 cm above the middle of the skin
- Bone stump present

The limbs can not always be restored surgically after accidents or amputations. Technological developments opened up new possibilities for the care of these patients. Various plastics are now available, which can be combined individually, in order to simulate the missing limbs functionally but also cosmetically optimally.
Optical details play a special role in finger prostheses. The focus is on a natural appearance of the prosthesis. The very personal design on the patient as well as coloring with the look for detail, an optimal aesthetics is achieved. The hold of the epithesis can be carried out by means of a special implant-supported telescopic magnet or by mechanical holding elements (ring anchors).

Features / Components:
- Elasticity of the material
- high wearing comfort
- individual design and coloring
- not only functionality, but especially beautiful appearance
- individual shape and length of the fingernails
- good function and optimal aesthetics
- Epithesis can be held by means of a special implant-supported telescopic magnet or by mechanical holding elements
- thumb nephritis, finger joint pithesis, finger pithesis

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  • ISO 06 18



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