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Icelock 700 Series

Product Type:
Locking system

Areas of Application:
- for mobility levels 1 to 4
- especially for use with Iceross Upper-X liners

The Icelock 700 series for use in arm prosthetics (with Iceross®Upper-X liner ) consists of a particularly small and lightweight shuttle lock and a tool set.

Features / Components:
- Shuttle lock without distal adapter
- Low height and light weight
- Stable and durable
- The locking unit can be easily removed from the inside The shaft can be removed
- Maintenance and replacement very easy, no work on the shaft itself required
- Reusable stainless steel tool set
The locking unit without distal adapter has no restriction on the user weight. The limitations result from the distal adapter used.
The connection thread of the 700 pin is narrower in order to fit into the smaller connection of the Upper-X liner. For this reason, no other pins can be used.

Technical Data:
Icelock Shuttle 721 (without adapter)
Connection: Pin with M6 thread
Weight: 20 g
Height: 13 mm
Item number: L-721000

Options / Accessories:
Article number: L-792016 Release key (two-arbor key)
Article number: L-780000 Tool set

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


CE-Zeichen / ISO 10328

Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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