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Assistive Product Zahnfleischepithese

Product Type:

Gum mask


Periodontal treatments and implant restorations can occasionally impair the aesthetics of the frontal tooth area.
This difficulty can be eliminated with a gum epithesis.
- Sometimes gingival retractions (retracted gums)
- Root bare spaces
- Retentive interdental spaces (interdental spaces)
- Phonetic insufficiencies (speech disorders)
These difficulties can be resolved with a gum epithesis.

Features / Components:

- Silicone material
- phonetically improving
- mucous membrane-friendly
- dimensionally stable
- individually adapted and inconspicuous
- looks like the natural gums similar
- tear-resistant and long-lasting
- blocking loose teeth
- protecting against hot-cold irritation of the exposed tooth necks

Price (without guarantee):

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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Website des Instituts für Epithetik, Bestellungen sind nur als Maßanfertigung nach Kontaktaufnahme möglich.
Informationen zu Zahnfleichepithesen auf der Website des Insituts für Epithetik

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Institut für Epithetik
Harburger-Heerstr. 27
29223 Celle
Germany Telephone: 05141 978905 Email: Homepage:


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