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Assistive Product Obturator

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Palate closure plate


Obturators are plastic bodies that are intended to close an upper jaw defect that cannot be covered with the bodys own tissue.
These obturators can take on the size of a tennis ball that has been cut through. If they are made entirely of plastic, they are firstly very difficult, secondly difficult to bring into the oral cavity and the defect and thirdly, after a while they suck up saliva and become unhygienic. A so-called split hollow obturator can help. For this purpose, a half-shell is manufactured that is coupled to the prosthesis base (as a cover) via spherical magnets. The prosthesis itself is anchored to residual teeth or implants.
If the eye area (orbit), see reference number EP / 00011 cheek or nose has to be replaced by an epithesis, the obturator can also be attached to it. Depending on the size of the defect, two or more magnets are used for coupling. A nasal epithesis replaces part or all of the nose. The nose moves with mimic movements.

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