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Assistive Product Silima direct, 3-Schichtepithese symmetrisch

Product Type:

Silicone breast prosthesis as a light prosthesis with adhesive option


- to relieve the shoulder area and prevent lymphedema
- in everyday life, in leisure time or during sport

Features / Components:

- light adhesive epithesis Made of silicone for the active woman
- with exchangeable adhesive system for permanent care
- with adhesive pad, the epithesis is safely worn in the bra on the body
- adhesive pad prevents the breast epithesis from folding down
- adhesive pad (available for purchase) can be worn over a long period of time
- Silima direct can also be worn as a lightweight epithesis without an adhesive pad
- greater freedom of movement
- anatomically and symmetrically shaped for a natural appearance and vibration behavior
- the adhesive silicone of the adhesive pad is skin and body compatible
- cleaning of the adhesive pad only 1 to 2 times a week
- Accessories: adhesive pad, cleaning lotion, brush and cleaning board
The epithesis is based on the three-layer system system: a natural and fabric-like outer silicone surrounds and protects the particularly soft, weight-reduced c

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Im Steinkamp 12
30938 Burgwedel
Germany Telephone: 05139 988-0 Email: Homepage:


Im Steinkamp 12
30938 Burgwedel
Germany Telephone: 05139 988-0 Email: Homepage:


- 3-layer version
- symmetrical (right and left, the same side)
- Weight: approx. 74 to 670 g
- Color: skin
- Cup B: size 1 to 11, recommended bra size 65 to 110
- Cup C: size 3 to 12, recommended bra size 70 to 115
- Article number: 66 377



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