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Vergleich Kunsthaar und Echthaar

Product Type:
Advantages and disadvantages after monturarten, Echthaar and Kunsthaar

Types of fitting:
1. Tresses
Weaves are 'cords' on which the hairs are machine-embroidered. This method of production is very cost-effective. Due to the associated thickness of the wig, wears in the front area are not possible. Therefore, there are almost only mixed wigs with backs and monofilament front.

2. Monofilament
In the case of monofilament, only a few fine hairs are attached to the corner points. This type of dress is much thinner than the dress version. Most monofilament wigs must be hand knotted. Therefore, these wigs are much more expensive than 'mixed wigs'.

3. NatureNet:
The NatureNet has been specially developed in order to make the hair approach optimal and on the other hand to be able to represent the natural hairline exactly. On an ultra-fine hairnet, individual hair is knotted by hand. This allows the wig to be precisely cut to fit the customer.

Tabular form of the monturarten, Vor-and disadvantages:
NatureNet Monofilament Tressen
Hairline very naturally natural unnatural
Hairline not recognizable barely recognizable easily recognizable
Simulated scalp yes sometimes no
Swimming, diving yes rather rare no
Sport yes restricted rather not
Shelf life 6 to 9 months 12 to 18 months approximately 12 to 18 months
Price per system approx. 650,00 EUR approx. 1.700,00 EUR approx. 500,00 EUR
Permanent bonding very good possible possible to discourage
Echthaar / Kunsthaar only Echthaar both both

Comparison Echthaar with artificial hair:
Swimming and diving:
- no problem at Echthaar
- Artificial hair is attacked by chlorine
Hair Behavior in Wind and Gusts:
- Echthaar like own hair
- Kunsthaar can suddenly stand out and not fall back naturally again
- at Echthaar no problems
- Arthair is bad for allergy sufferers
Sun and heat:
- Echthaar becomes brighter with time, but can be dyed
- Echthaar is insensitive to heat
- Synthetic hair will fade with time and will not be dyed
- Artificial hair is very sensitive to heat
Key impression:
- Echthaar feels like your own hair
- Artificial hair shows significant deviations from one's own hair

Price (without guarantee):
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Verlocke GmbH


Verlocke GmbH

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