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Künstlicher Ersatz für das gesamte Kopfhaar

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General Information NatureNet Wigs

- advanced hair loss
- Alopecia totalis (loss of all scalp hair)
- alopecia areata (circular hair loss)
- alopecia universalis (total body hair)
- hair loss due to chemotherapy in the foreseeable future

Alopecia areata is a relatively common form of morbid hair loss, characterized by shy, disc-shaped and often very extensive hair loss. 1.4 million people are affected in Germany alone.
Tips on wigs:
Depending on how far the hair loss has progressed, other hair systems come into question. If the hair loss is only local and less advanced, a real hair monofilament wig is recommended, which can be worn well on your own hair. If there is more in the direction of Alopecia totalis, the NatureNet wig should be used, as it can be used for permanent bonding.

Features / Components:
- Wig based on the NatureNet
- equally suitable for women and men
- natural-looking wig
- naturalness, good wearing comfort and situation security
- for everyday use
- swimming, dancing and sports is possible again
- the patient recovers a considerable amount of normalcy
- no external help necessary
- wig can be 4 to 8 Weeks upside down
- can also daily be put on and off
- no special care necessary
- suitable for easy travel even for longer trips

- all wigs are made to measure
- the wig comes as raw material
- The hair is cut directly on the head
- Up to 60 cm hair length possible
- careful measurement of the head and individualization of the wig

Any weave options:
- almost all wigs have a specific hairstyle
can be freestyle or tied with a crown
- any hairstyle is possible
- fashionable variants can be cut

single hair:
- every hair was used individually
- finest hair approaches possible
- natural hair movements possible
- naturalness in every situation (wind, water, sports)

Hair quality:
- made of finest Indo Remy hair
- long, lasting shine
- all wigs have the advantages of a high-quality human hair wig

- Substructure, on which the hair was knotted, is a very thin gauze
- breathable, translucent and tear-resistant
- the wig is very light and simulates the scalp well
- worm-thin but extremely stable:
- the wig can also be glued at certain points
- firmly fixed on the head by the spot gluing
- hardly any restrictions in everyday life, occupation or leisure activities

Wear comfort, everyday practicality:
- good wearing comfort
- wig can be left on the head for 4 to 8 weeks
- during sports, the sweat is discharged normally through the fitting
- it can be showered with the wig
- the wig can completely normal hairdressing
- no complicated dry instructions necessary
- no special cleaning steps required

Health insurance:
The wigs can be billed in the above indications with the health insurance. It will be sent to the affected a cost estimate, which is then submitted to the appropriate health insurance. The valid prescription with the approval will be sent to the manufacturer of the wig, who then settles with the health insurance.
It can also, after purchasing the wig, a bill to be sent, which the patient can then submit himself to the health insurance. This will then directly transfer the approved amount.
The costs of producing an epithesis are billed directly to the patients insurance provider (usually the statutory health insurance). An own contribution does not arise. Since the epithesis is an aid, the costs for necessary corrections / repairs are also taken over by the legal payers.
- Advantages and disadvantages after Monturarten, human hair and synthetic hair

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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Verlocke GmbH

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